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Herman has been into cars all his live. Born the son of a Car Mechanic who had his own garage of new and secondhand cars. As you can imagine, the place where you had to search for Herman was, … the garage. At his eighteenth Herman bought his first classic car. A Wolseley 16/60. He maintained the Wolseley himself and drove the car as much as possible.


Now Herman has his own collection, and nobody was shocked when Herman announced that he became one of the founders of Classic Wheels Auction. They just asked, what’s next?


In 1989, Karl finished his studies and left Belgium to discover the world. His curiosity led him to California where he met Charly through a friend. When Karl accidentally crashed his daily driver, a Triumph Spitfire, into one of Charly’s Jaguar E-types, the former student with a restricted budget found himself in a tight corner. The new friend struck him a deal; we fix mine and we fix yours. A lot of sweat, blood and elbow grease later Karl was driving his Spitfire down the Californian coast. A bug was planted.


When Karl continued his travels and set sail for Central and South America he left his Spitfire in custody of Charly. However travelling around Central and South America made him long for his beloved Spitfire. Karl called upon his friend and kindly asked him "please ship my Spitfire to Belgium".


Upon arrival in Belgium, he knew what was the first thing to do: drive to the Port of Antwerp to pick up his Spitfire. Reunited at last!

The Spitfire was followed by an MGA Roadster and a Mercedes - Heckflosse. Over the years priorities shifted and Karl sold all his car to invest in his house, but the bug never left him.Ten years ago he came into contact with a friend who owned a Land Rover. A new chapter was started and quickly several friends followed, from which their club with Land Rover fans, LRTH, arose.

All members, Most of them former scouts, have a great passion for vintage cars, with a particular like for Land Rover. Often trips and off-road weekends are organised in Belgium and abroad. Every Sunday they unite around their common passion and jointly restore and repair their cars. Now the house is finished Karl started collecting once more: a 1956 series 1 type 107, a 1967 series 2A type 88inch and a 1986 110 V8. All Land Rovers, what else!?

One life, live it.


Spending his days during the week surrounded by the latest technologies. And in the weekend, well a little bit less into the future and a little bit more of the past.

He`ll write some interesting story once he`s done detailing his car.

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